Executive Car Availability


Updating Your Availability

To update your availability, first sign-in with your email and password, then select the blue Availability menu button.

driver menu


After clicking the Availability button you will be presented with the driver Availability screen.

driver availability


The availability screen is used to record changes to your typical weekly timetable. For example you might not be working due to a Birthday, sickness, or some other event or appointment.

Alternatively you might choose to be available for work on a day that you typically don’t work. This form is where you add any changes to your standard availability timetable.

You can edit an existing availability entry by clicking on the row.

You can delete an existing availability row by clicking on the red ‘X’ delete icon.

You can create a new availability entry by clicking on the  ‘+ Create new’ link on the top left of the page.

Clicking the link will display the following pop-up form where you can enter your availability details.

create availability


Enter the start date and the end date of the availability change.

Click the checkbox if it’s a change to availability where you will now be working. Ensure it’s unchecked if you will not be available for work.

Finally enter any notes to accompany your availability change that you want to send to the operator.

Finally click the blue ‘Save changes’ button to save your availability change.