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A warm welcome to the executive car blog. From this page we will feature articles and ideas related to the chauffeur industry.

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The articles follow…

luxury car - chauffeur driving jobs

Chauffeur Driving Jobs

Our first blog article is kind of a social experiment. It’s our attempt at connecting chauffeurs looking for work with chauffeur companies looking to fulfil driver roles.

The concept is relatively simple…

  • If you’re looking for work you complete the form on the page with some details related to your location, qualification, and experience.
  • If you’re a chauffeur company and you have a job to post then again you use the form to complete details about the particular post.

All submissions that I receive I will post on the page until I get notification from yourself to remove. Click this link to participate: Chauffeur Driving Jobs

Elite Taxis and Chauffeur Directory

This page is predominantly to help you promote your business on this web site. I intend it to be a comprehensive directory of Chauffeur businesses.

If you’d like to add your chauffeur business to the directory then simply go to elite taxis and chauffeur directory and complete the form with your business details.

I will add any submissions on to the page.

chauffeur cap

Chauffeurs Hats

This page has a little information on chauffeurs hats, including where you might want to look to purchase one.

To go to the article please go to chauffeurs hats.

Any feedback please email me at info@objitec.com

The above was written by Martin Gilliard reach out to me on twitter at @martin_gilliard