Executive Car Driver Reimbursement


Viewing the Driver Reimbursement Report

To view the driver reimbursement report, first sign-in with your email and password, then select the green Driver Reimbursement menu button.

driver menu


After clicking the Driver Reimbursement button you will be presented with the Driver Reimbursement Report screen.

driver reimbursement report


To view your reimbursement report simply select the From Date and the To Date and then click the Run Report button.

Your browser should give you the option to save or open the report. Click open if you want to view your reimbursement report now. It may take a couple of minutes to generate.

The report is generated as an Adobe pdf file, this will either open in the free Adobe reader software if you have it installed on your system or alternatively it should open in your browser.

An example report is shown below…

driver reimbursement report