Executive Car View Pending Jobs


View Pending Jobs

Pending jobs are jobs that have been requested by a client but have not yet been accepted or declined.

To view all pending jobs, first sign-in with your email and password. As an operator, you can select the role of Administrator, Driver or Customer.

To view all Operator menu options ensure that the Role dropdown box is set to Administrator.

Next, select the Pending Jobs menu button. The number to the right of the buttons text informs you of how many pending jobs are in the system. So in the example below there are fifty pending jobs.

operator menu


After clicking the Pending Jobs button you will be presented with the Pending Jobs screen.

view pending jobs

From this screen, you can also filter by a specific organisation or enter search criteria to search for a particular pending job.

Click on the job to view the job details.

pending job details

As an operator, you can make changes to the job if required. Click the Save Changes button to save any changes.

As this is a pending job, you have the options of Accept Job, Decline Job and Cancel Job.

Accepted jobs are jobs that you will later allocate a driver to.

Declined jobs are ones where you are not able to take on the work.

Cancelled jobs are ones in which the client no longer wants the job. If a job is 24 hours or more into the future then a client can cancel a job themselves. As an operator, you can cancel a job at any time.

You also have an option of making a copy of the job if, for example, your client wanted exactly the same job someday in the future, in which case you would copy the job and just change the pickup date and time.

Finally, there’s a Create Return button. This creates a copy of the job but with the pick-up and drop-off locations reversed.