Add Your Business To Our Elite Taxis and Chauffeur Directory

A warm welcome to our Elite Taxis and Chauffeur Directory page. This page is very new, so please bear with us until it gains some momentum.

My aim is for this directory to grow over time with help from you the chauffeur community.

notepad image for taxis and chauffeur directory

Simply complete the form below with the details of the chauffeur company that you work for or are responsible for and then I will add your business to the directory. Add enough information for prospective clients to be able to contact you. For example, your email, contact number, web site and any other information you think may be relevant for me to know.

If you have a picture that you’d also like me to add then please do so. I’ve added a field on the form for uploading photos.

I think that I will probably list each business by location. With the first to contact me appearing at the top of each location list.

So please help me with a comprehensive chauffeur directory by adding your details to the from below.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Elite Taxis and Chauffeur Directory Submission Form

Executive Car

While you’re on this page, I would be grateful if you’d take a look at the executive car application that we have put together for the chauffeur industry. Please take a look at the Feature and Benefits page and let me know of any feedback that you might have. Is there anything that we’re missing or that we could improve. If so would love to hear from you.

Many thanks Martin.

Any feedback please email me at

The above was written by Martin Gilliard reach out to me on twitter at @martin_gilliard