Executive Car View/Complete Allocated Jobs


View Allocated Jobs

To view jobs that have been allocated to you, first sign-in with your email and password. Then select the red Allocated Jobs menu button.

The number 9 displayed on the Allocated Jobs button in the example below provides you with quick summary info. So in this example, 9 jobs have been allocated to driver Martin Le-Driver.

driver menu


After clicking the Allocated Jobs button you will be presented with the Allocated Jobs screen.

view jobs

To view more details of the job click on the More >> link on the right.

The details of the job will be displayed on the screen.

If you click the View Map link under the location Google maps will attempt to display a map of the location.

Please note: the quoted price is only displayed for cash/card jobs – not those on account

job details


Complete An Allocated Job

To complete an allocated job click the Complete Job button at the bottom of the screen.

The system will display a complete job pop-up form. Use the form to enter any waiting time you may have incurred. Your waiting cost will automatically be calculated by the system.

You can also enter any parking fees or tolls that you had to pay in order to complete the job.

Finally you can optionally enter notes for the chauffeur operator.


complete job pop-up form


Click the OK button to complete the job, the system will return you to the main menu. If you still have allocated jobs then you should notice that there is one less now.